Six Ways Using WordPress Can Grow Your Business

Six Ways Using WordPress Can Grow Your Business

WordPress is used to create almost two million new pages of content every day. Companies and individuals generating this content have found ways to use WordPress to propel their business. This article synthesizes their experience for your benefit. Without further ado, here are six ways you can use WordPress to grow your business.

Six Ways Using WordPress Can Grow Your Business

1. Use WordPress to grow your blog

A blog can be the centrepiece of a business’s content marketing strategy, and you can use WordPress to support it. When crafting a strategy, make sure you align any social media post publications with your blog publishing schedule.

You can also contact influencers to publicize your blog. WordPress users take advantage of the Reader to connect with their followers or community.

Use WordPress to grow your blog

You can use your WordPress blog as the home for any digital products you offer, like video tutorials or e-books. These products are very lucrative because you only create them once but can sell them over and over again.

It’s easy to publish new posts on WordPress, and you should do so regularly. Fresh, frequently published content contributes to improved website rankings and authority.

2. Take advantage of its scalability

WordPress is highly scalable, which is a huge advantage for any business. It’s used by major brands like Xerox and Best Buy as well as celebrities like Beyoncé. You can avail yourself of its capabilities no matter what size your operations are. When your business grows, WordPress will support it.

3. Benefit from managed hosting

While many hosting services offer some type of support, you can trust that a managed WordPress hosting provider’s support team understands the leading content management system. They not only understand it but are experts in it. They can tell the difference between a server issue, a problematic theme, and a potential plugin conflict. They know the settings needed for your WordPress to run optimally. If the provider’s team cannot answer your question, they can refer you to another source of information. No issue is left unaddressed.

Benefit from managed hosting

Managed hosting companies tend to make the support they offer their customers a priority. There are community forums, 24/7 live chat, in-app ticketing, etc. A managed WordPress host is not unlike having an external IT department full of specialists that you can contact at any time. This is something you definitely need if you want your business to grow. You simply don’t have time to address technical issues yourself.

4. Choosing the best plugins for your business

WordPress has tens of thousands of so-called “plugins” – software units that have a specific function. There are plugins for ecommerce, live chat, price calculation, etc.

To choose and deploy a plugin, log in to your WordPress dashboard. If you’re not already logged in, go to your website’s URL, followed by “/wp-admin” (e.g.,, and enter your username and password.

In the WordPress Dashboard, look for the “Plugins” menu item on the left-hand sidebar.

Click on “Plugins,” then click “Add New.”

You can browse through the available plugins in the WordPress plugin repository or use the search bar to find a specific plugin by name or keyword.

When you find a plugin you want to install, click the “Install Now” button. Finally, activate the plugin, and you’re done.

5. WordPress can generate awareness of your business

WordPress can generate awareness of your business

This is paramount, especially if you’re in eCommerce. In this case, you’d be deeply invested in the user experience and purchase functionality. WordPress was created to leverage content, and you can take advantage of this if your business needs more attention.

6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Even the best content will be unhelpful if people don’t get access to it. WordPress comes with built-in SEO functions, so your website will rank higher on Google and Bing. It suggests keywords and allows website owners and managers to structure every page, every image, and every piece of content. This helps attain the ultimate goal: onsite conversion and top-of-funnel awareness. The SEO plugin Yoast is highly recommended because it helps rankings on page and website levels.

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