The Canadian Guide to Writing Wills Online: Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way!

The Canadian Guide to Writing Wills Online Where There's a Will, There's a Way!

We know, we know what you’re thinking: “Writing a will? Seriously? At MY age?” But hey, life’s full of surprises, and we’re here to make the process of Will writing a bit easier and less daunting.

Guide to Writing Wills Online

1. The Will-ing Story Begins

The Will-ing Story Begins

We know, you don’t like to think about it. But mortality affects every single human on the planet. Getting a Will done is something you have to do. This is where online wills come in —  because you can do a Will right from the convenience of your home or office. No need to trudge out in that miserable Canadian weather. You can do it right from home!

2. Why Online Wills, Eh?

Let’s face it; our lives are busier than ever! Making a Will in the traditional way (going out to a lawyer’s office and making a Will.) With online Wills, if your situation isn’t complicated, and you know what you want to go into your Will (and you don’t need legal advice), online Wills are a viable option for you.

3. DIY: The Canadian Way

Online wills empower you to take control of your legacy without the need for a lawyer. It’s also cost effective, so you can save those loonies for more poutine. The convenience is another plus.

4. The To-Do List

Before you dive into the digital will-making adventure, there are a few things you need to consider. Grab a pen and paper (or a digital one) and jot these down:

The To-Do List

  • Choose a reputable online will service, like a good Canadian beer – go for quality!
  • Determine your business assets, liabilities, and who you want to leave them to.
  • Decide on your executor, the person who will carry out your wishes. Obviously, it’s someone you implicitly trust.
  • Select your beneficiaries – these include your loved ones or charitable causes.
  • Consider including specific bequests, like passing down your prized collection of hockey jerseys to your niece.
  • Finally, review, edit, and double-check your will – no typos allowed in this important document, eh?

5. The Online Will-Making Process

Now, let’s break down the steps for crafting your online Will.

  • Find a reputable online will service, like FormalWill, and sign up.
  • Answer a series of questions – it’s like a friendly cross-examination, but online!
  • The software drafts up your Will based on your responses. This makes sure it’s legal.
  • Carefully review your Will. Make any necessary changes.
  • Once you’re satisfied, print and sign it in the presence of two witnesses who aren’t beneficiaries.
  • Store your Will in a safe, yet accessible, place.
  • Tell your loved ones where to find your Will and give them a heads-up about your intentions. There should be no confusion when your time comes. You don’t want loved ones squabbling over your Will in court, do you?

6. But What About Holographic Wills

Ah, the infamous “holographic will,” a Will written entirely by hand and signed without witnesses. (Sometimes, people even try to scribble their wishes down on napkins.) In some provinces, like Quebec, holographic Wills are legal, but they can lead to more confusion than trying to read a Montreal parking sign.

Online Wills offer clarity and guidance. You will want to have something typed up; something that clearly outlines your wishes.

7. Changing It Up

Life isn’t static, and neither is your Will. When you find a new place to plank down all of your stuff (i.e. move), it’s time for an update. Most online will services allow you to make changes, so you’re always in control of your legacy.

Changing It Up

Online wills are an excellent choice for straightforward situations. Still, if you’ve got a more complicated estate, consulting a lawyer is a wise move. If you’re situation is relatively straightforward, you can use an online service.

9. Keep It Updated

Life in Canada is unpredictable; review your Will regularly. This is especially true after significant life events (marriage, divorce, births, deaths in the family). A Will from the ’90s may not cover all your current bases, so keep your Will as fresh as a Timbit straight from the oven.

10. The Verdict

That is the world of online Wills in Canada. It’s like building a snowman – simple, but with a lasting impact.

So, go ahead, write your will online. In Canada, where there’s a will, there’s a way!

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