How Much Do Surgeons Make in Canada? – Average Salary by Province

How Much Do Surgeons Make in Canada? - Average Salary by Province

Are you considering a career in surgery? Perhaps you’re already a surgeon looking to relocate to Canada. Either way, one of the most important factors is your potential salary. After all, compensation plays a significant role in job satisfaction and overall quality of life. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at how much surgeons make in Canada and explore the average salaries by province for different types of surgeons. So whether you’re just starting out or looking to advance your surgical career, keep reading to learn more!

Surgeons in Canada

Surgeons in Canada

Surgeons in Canada are medical professionals who perform surgical procedures to treat various illnesses and injuries. These highly skilled individuals must undergo extensive education and training to qualify for their positions.

There are many different types of surgeons and doctors in Canada, each specializing in a specific area of medicine. Some examples include cardiovascular surgeons, plastic surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, and neurosurgeons.

Surgeons play an important role in the healthcare system by providing critical care to needy patients. They work collaboratively with other medical professionals, such as nurses and anesthesiologists, to ensure that surgeries are successful from start to finish.

However, being a surgeon is not without its challenges. The job can be physically demanding and emotionally taxing at times due to the high stakes involved in performing surgery on someone’s body. Nonetheless, it remains one of the most rewarding careers available within the healthcare field.

Different Types of Surgeons in Canada

There are several different types of surgeons in Canada, including:

General Surgeons: These are surgeons who perform a variety of surgeries on various parts of the body.

Cardiothoracic Surgeons: They perform surgeries related to the heart, lungs, and other organs in the chest cavity

Neurosurgeons: They specialize in performing surgeries on the brain and nervous system.

Orthopedic Surgeons: They focus on bones, joints, and muscle-related surgeries.

Plastic Surgeons: They perform cosmetic surgery procedures as well as reconstructive surgeries.

Pediatric Surgeons: They specialize in surgeries on children, including infants and adolescents.

Vascular Surgeons: They operate on blood vessels, including veins and arteries.

Urologic Surgeons: They perform surgeries on the urinary tract system, including the kidneys, bladder, and urethra.

Ophthalmologic Surgeons: They perform eye surgeries, including cataract surgery, cornea transplants, and LASIK surgery.

These are just a few examples of the types of surgeons you might encounter in Canada. There are many other subspecialties within each of these categories and other surgical specialties not mentioned here.

How Much Do Surgeons Make in Canada?

How Much Do Surgeons Make in Canada?

Surgeons in Canada are among the highest-paid professionals in the country. They play a crucial role in society by performing life-saving surgeries and helping people recover from illnesses and injuries.

The amount of money surgeons make in Canada varies depending on several factors, including their experience, specialty, location, and type of employer.

According to data from, the average salary for a surgeon in Canada is around CAD 224k per year. However, this can range from as low as CAD 98k to as high as CAD 470k per year.

Regarding provinces with the highest-paid doctors/surgeons – Alberta ranks at the top with an average yearly salary of around CAD 360K, followed by Ontario, which falls just behind at an average of approximately $350K.

It’s worth noting that Surgeons often work long hours during stressful situations such as surgery procedures, but they receive great compensation for their hard work and dedication.

Becoming a surgeon takes years of education and training but can be incredibly financially and personally rewarding. With the increasing demand for healthcare services across Canada due to aging populations, we expect future opportunities will continue to increase for qualified surgeons who want to join or establish private practices!

Average Surgeon Salary by Province

The average salary for a surgeon in Canada varies depending on the province and the hospitals in Canada. However, in general, surgeons in Canada are among the highest-paid professionals in the country.

In Ontario and Quebec, two of the most populated provinces in Canada, surgeons earn an average annual salary of around $350,000 to $375,000. British Columbia is also a high-paying province for surgeons, with an average annual salary range of $300,000 to $325,000.

On the other hand, Manitoba and Saskatchewan have lower salaries for surgeons compared to other provinces in Canada. Surgeons practicing in these provinces can expect to earn around $250,000 to $275,000 annually.

It’s worth noting that these salaries may vary depending on different factors such as years of experience and specialization. For instance, cardiac and neurosurgeons typically make more money than general practitioners or pediatricians.

Being a surgeon is one of the most lucrative careers out there, but it requires rigorous education and training before getting into practice.

Factors Affecting the Salary of a Surgeon

Factors Affecting the Salary of a Surgeon

The salary of a surgeon in Canada can vary depending on several factors. One of the most significant factors affecting their pay is the type of surgery they perform. Specialized surgeries such as neurosurgery and cardiac surgery tend to pay higher than general surgeries.

Another factor that affects a surgeon’s salary is their experience level. Surgeons who have been practicing for many years usually earn more than those who have just started out in the field.

Geographic location also plays a role in determining a surgeon’s salary, as each province has its own standards and rates for medical services. For instance, surgeons working in Alberta or Ontario typically make more money compared to those practicing in other provinces.

Moreover, healthcare institutions where surgeons work affect their salaries too. Private hospitals often pay more than public ones, but there are differences among public hospitals’ compensation packages.

Economic conditions can influence how much surgeons get paid since they could impact the demand for surgical procedures and overall resources available within the healthcare system.

All these factors play an important role when determining how much a Canadian surgeon makes annually.

Benefits of Being a Surgeon in Canada

Being a surgeon in Canada has many benefits that make the profession financially rewarding and fulfilling. For starters, surgeons have the opportunity to save lives and improve the quality of life for their patients.

Additionally, being a surgeon allows you to work in a challenging and highly stimulating environment where no two days are ever the same. Each patient presents with unique medical conditions that require personalized attention and care.

Surgeons in Canada also enjoy respectable social status within their communities due to their specialized skills, knowledge, and expertise. They often collaborate with other healthcare professionals like nurses and anesthesiologists, allowing them to learn from others while sharing their experiences.

Furthermore, surgery is considered one of the highest-paying professions in Canada. This means that if you specialize as a surgeon, your financial future may be quite secure.

There are opportunities for professional growth through continuing education programs or specializing further in subspecialties within your field of practice, such as cardiothoracic surgery or pediatric neurosurgery.

Prospects for the Future of Surgeons in Canada

Prospects for the Future of Surgeons in Canada

The future for surgeons in Canada looks promising. With advancements in the medical profession and an aging population, the demand for surgical procedures is only going to increase.

One area that will see significant growth is robotic surgery. This cutting-edge technology allows surgeons to perform minimally invasive procedures with greater precision, reducing patient recovery time and minimizing complications.

Another trend we can expect is an emphasis on preventative medicine. Surgeons will work closely with other healthcare professionals to identify potential health risks early on and develop treatment plans before conditions become critical.

Additionally, there’s a growing need for specialized surgical services in rural areas of the country. As more Canadians move away from urban centers, it’s important that they have access to quality care, including major surgeries.

Diversity will continue to play a role in shaping the future of surgery in Canada. We can expect more women and individuals from diverse backgrounds to enter the field as barriers are overcome, and opportunities grow.

While challenges certainly exist, prospects look bright for this important profession as we head into the coming decades.


After exploring the different aspects of surgeon salaries in Canada, it is clear that there are many factors that can impact how much a surgeon earns. Location, specialization, experience and other variables all play a role in determining a surgeon’s salary.

Despite this variation, however, being a surgeon in Canada remains an incredibly rewarding career choice for those who have the skills and dedication to pursue it. Surgeons earn high salaries and enjoy job security and access to some of the most advanced medical technology available.

For those considering becoming surgeons in Canada, it is important to consider these factors when planning one’s career path. Pursuing specializations or working towards greater levels of experience can help increase earning potential over time. Additionally, staying current with new medical technologies and advancements will ensure that Canadian surgeons remain at the forefront of their field for years to come.

FAQ – How Much Do Surgeons Make in Canada?

FAQ - How Much Do Surgeons Make in Canada?

How much do surgeons get paid in Canada?

Surgeons are medical professionals who perform surgical procedures to treat injuries, diseases and deformities. In Canada, surgeons play a vital role in the healthcare system, and they’re highly respected for their expertise and skills. Naturally, many people wonder how much money these skilled professionals make.

According to data from the Canadian Medical Association, the average salary of a surgeon in Canada is around $409,000 per year. However, this figure varies depending on various factors such as experience level, specialization and location.

For instance, general surgeons earn an average salary of around $417,000 annually, while neurosurgeons earn an average of $606,000 annually. On the other hand, pediatric surgeons earn approximately $407 000 per annum, while orthopedic surgeons can expect to take home about $486 000 annually.

The province where you work also affects your earning potential, as salaries vary across different regions in Canada. For example, Alberta has some of the highest-paid doctors with an average annual income of over $443,300, whereas Quebec has one of the lowest averages at just under $350k.

Though – it’s clear that being a surgeon is a lucrative career choice in Canada!

What surgeon makes the most money in Canada?

When it comes to the medical profession, being a surgeon is one of the highest-paying jobs in Canada. But which type of surgeon makes the most money? Well, that depends on various factors such as specialization, level of experience, and location.

Generally speaking, neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons tend to have some of the highest salaries in Canada. These specialized surgeons work with delicate parts of the body and require years of extensive training and education to reach their positions.

In addition to neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons, other high-paying surgical specialties include cardiovascular surgery, plastic surgery, urology, and otolaryngology (ear-nose-throat) surgery.

However, it’s important to note that while these types of surgeons often earn higher salaries than others within their field, this isn’t always guaranteed. The amount a surgeon earns can also depend on where they practice medicine. For example, cities like Toronto or Vancouver may have more competitive markets for doctors compared with smaller towns across Canada.

Ultimately, suppose you’re interested in becoming a doctor specializing in one or more surgeries. In that case, you can expect an excellent income, provided you are willing to put in lots of hard work!

What province has the highest paid doctors?

When it comes to salaries, the province that has the highest-paid doctors in Canada is Alberta.

According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information, Alberta had the highest average physician remuneration.

How many hours do surgeons work in Canada?

Surgeons in Canada are known for their rigorous work schedules. They often face long hours of work and unpredictable on-call shifts. The number of hours worked by a surgeon in Canada varies depending on the nature of their practice, including whether they are employed or self-employed.

Most surgeons in Canada work an average of 50-60 hours per week, which involves being on call for emergencies after regular office hours. It is not uncommon for some to put in extended shifts that may last up to 12-18 hour days when performing intricate surgeries.

How long does it take to become a surgeon in Canada?

Becoming a surgeon in Canada is no easy feat, but it can be incredibly rewarding both professionally and financially. The path to becoming a surgeon usually involves many years of education and training, including undergraduate studies, medical school, residency programs, and potentially additional fellowship training.

Becoming a fully licensed practicing surgeon in Canada takes around 12-15 years of education and training. This timeline may vary depending on the type of surgery one wishes to specialize in or other individual circumstances.

Despite the long road ahead, those who are passionate about helping others through surgical intervention will find that their hard work pays off with an above-average salary and the satisfaction of making a difference for their patients every day.

If you’re considering pursuing a career as a surgeon in Canada – whether you’re just starting out or looking for ways to advance your current practice – plenty of opportunities are available across provinces with strong demand for skilled surgeons. With dedication and perseverance throughout your educational journey, you could be well on your way toward joining this respected profession while enjoying excellent financial rewards along the way!

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