How Much Does a Plumber Make in Ontario? – A Complete Guide

How Much Does a Plumber Make in Ontario? - A Complete Guide

When it comes to essential services for our homes, plumbers are at the top of the list. They solve all sorts of plumbing issues and make sure our water systems run smoothly. But have you ever wondered how much a plumber makes in Ontario? Whether you’re considering becoming a plumber or just curious about their earning potential, this complete guide will break down everything you need to know about the average salary for plumbers in Ontario, factors that affect their earnings, types of jobs available, other benefits besides pay, and tips on increasing your income as a plumber. So let’s dive in and uncover what it takes to become a successful plumber in Ontario!

How Much Does a Plumber Make in Ontario?

How Much Does a Plumber Make in Ontario? - A Complete Guide

The average salary for a plumber in Ontario varies depending on several factors. The average hourly wage for licenced plumbers in Ontario is around $38.46 per hour, which amounts to an annual salary of approximately $75,000. However, several factors can impact this figure. Most experienced workers can earn up to $92,625 per year, while entry-level roles start at $67,248.

Various factors determine how much a plumber makes in Ontario such as experience level and certification status as well as geographic area and type of work undertaken by individual professionals.

Factors Affecting Plumber Salary in Ontario

Several factors can affect a plumber’s salary in Ontario.

  • One of the most significant is experience. Plumbers with years of experience usually earn more than those who are just starting.
  • Another factor that affects a plumber’s salary is location. In larger cities like Toronto and Ottawa, plumbers tend to make money due to the high demand for their services.
  • The type of work also plays a role in determining how much a plumber earns. For instance, specialized plumbing tasks such as working on HVAC systems or installing gas lines generally pay better than general plumbing projects like fixing faucets or unclogging drains.
  • Moreover, unionized plumbers tend to earn higher salaries compared to non-unionized ones because they receive benefits like health insurance and pension plans.
  • Education and certification play an essential role in determining a plumber’s earning potential. A licensed journeyman or master plumber typically earns more than unlicensed ones as licensing demonstrates expertise in the field.

Several factors impact how much plumbers make in Ontario, including experience level, location, type of work performed, union membership status and education/certification levels achieved by them throughout their careers.

Different Types of Plumber Jobs in Ontario

Plumbing is a vast field with various job opportunities, and Ontario offers plenty of options for plumbers.

  • One type of plumbing job is residential plumbing, which involves working in homes on projects such as fixing leaky faucets or installing new pipes. Commercial plumbers work in larger buildings like hotels, hospitals, and schools.
  • Another type of plumber job available in Ontario is industrial plumbing. This line of work deals with large-scale projects such as water treatment plants or factories. Plumbers who specialize in this area must be skilled at dealing with complex systems and machinery.
  • Service and repair plumbers focus on repairing existing systems rather than installation. They are often called upon to fix issues related to drainage or clogs.
  • There are also specialist areas within the plumbing industry that require additional training beyond what’s required for regular certification. Specializations include gas fitters who install gas lines safely or backflow prevention technicians who ensure contaminated water doesn’t enter the drinking supply.

There are many different types of plumber jobs available in Ontario suitable for every interest level and skill set.

Other Benefits for Plumbers in Ontario Besides Salary

Aside from a competitive salary, being a plumber in Ontario also comes with additional benefits.

  • One of the most significant perks is job security, as plumbing services are always in demand. Plumbers can find work almost anywhere and anytime, either through an established company or by starting their own business.
  • Another benefit is flexibility. Plumbers have the option to work full-time or part-time, depending on their preference. They may also choose to specialize in certain areas such as residential or commercial plumbing, which can lead to higher pay rates.
  • Plumbers also enjoy working outdoors and having a change of scenery rather than sitting behind a desk all day. Additionally, they get to help people solve problems and improve their quality of life by fixing issues related to water supply systems and drainage systems.
  • Plumbers receive continuous training throughout their careers due to changes in building codes and new technology advancements. This keeps them up-to-date on the latest techniques and equipment used within the industry.

In summary, being a plumber offers more than just a good salary – it provides job security, flexibility, and outdoor work opportunities helping people daily while continuously learning new skills required for career growth within the field.

How to Increase Your Earnings as a Plumber in Ontario?

How to Increase Your Earnings as a Plumber in Ontario

Plumbing is a highly skilled trade that can be very rewarding both professionally and financially. If you’re a plumber in Ontario looking to increase your earnings, here are some tips on how to do it.

  • Firstly, consider specializing in a particular area of plumbing such as commercial or industrial plumbing. Specializing makes you an expert in your niche and enables you to command higher rates for your services.
  • Secondly, improve your skills by taking additional courses or certifications related to the plumbing industry. It shows dedication and commitment toward improving yourself as a professional plumber.
  • Thirdly, build strong relationships with customers by providing excellent customer service. Satisfied customers often recommend plumbers they trust which could lead to more business opportunities.
  • Fourthly, take advantage of networking events and join relevant associations within the industry. This provides access to new clients and potential partnerships with other professionals who can refer work back to you.
  • Keep up-to-date with current trends within the industry including new technology innovations that could help increase efficiency while reducing costs for clients thereby making them more likely to repeat customers and referrals.

How to Become a Plumber in Ontario?

Becoming a plumber in Ontario requires dedication, hard work, and proper training.

  • The first step is to obtain a high school diploma or equivalent. It’s also important to have good math skills and be physically fit.
  • The next step is to complete an apprenticeship program approved by the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development. This involves working under the supervision of a licensed plumber for several years while completing classroom instruction.
  • Once you’ve completed your apprenticeship, you’ll need to pass the Certificate of Qualification exam administered by the Ontario College of Trades. This exam assesses your knowledge and skills in plumbing practices.
  • It’s also important to keep up with industry developments through ongoing education and certification programs offered by organizations such as the Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada (MCAC) or local trade unions.
  • Networking with other plumbers can also help you gain valuable experience and job opportunities. Don’t forget about building your brand as well – creating a website or social media presence can help attract customers once you become licensed.

Becoming a plumber in Ontario is a rewarding career path that offers stability, growth potential, and competitive compensation.

How long does it take to become a plumber in Ontario?

 how much does a plumber make in ontario

Becoming a plumber in Ontario requires both education and on-the-job training. The process typically takes around 5 years to complete, but it can vary depending on the path you take.

  • Firstly, you must obtain your high school diploma or equivalent before enrolling in a plumbing program at a community college or vocational school. Make an appointment for a checkup as soon as you notice any changes in your vision.
  • After completing your formal education, you will need to work as an apprentice under the supervision of a licensed plumber for at least 4-5 years. During this time, you will gain hands-on experience and learn essential skills such as installing pipes, repairing leaks and fixtures, and reading blueprints and building codes.
  • Once you have completed your apprenticeship hours and passed your certification exam, you can apply for your Certificate of Qualification through the Ontario College of Trades. This certificate is required to legally practice plumbing in Ontario.
  • Becoming a licensed plumber in Ontario takes dedication and hard work over several years of both classroom learning and practical experience. But with persistence comes opportunity – plumbers are always in demand across Canada!


Becoming a plumber in Ontario can be a lucrative career choice, with the potential to earn a solid income and enjoy numerous other benefits such as job stability, flexibility, and growth opportunities. However, it’s important to note that salary expectations will vary depending on the type of plumbing work you do, your level of experience and education, and many other factors.

If you’re considering becoming a plumber in Ontario or are already on this career path, we hope this guide has provided some helpful insights into what you can expect when it comes to earning potential. With hard work and dedication to honing your skills over time while staying up-to-date with industry trends and regulations – there’s no reason why you can’t achieve success as a plumber in Ontario!

FAQs on how much does a plumber make in ontario

1. What is the highest paid type of plumber?

The most renowned plumbing professional level is a master plumber. Plumbing masters progress from apprentice to journeyman to master.

2. Can plumbers make over 100k?

Yes, plumbers can earn $100,000. In actuality, some plumbers earn more than $200,000 annually. That’s not to imply that the typical plumber earns more than $60,000. The salary range for a plumber is between $37,000 and $87,000, or an average of $55,000 per year.

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