Top 10 Things to Do in London Ontario

Top 10 Things to Do in London Ontario

Nestled in the heart of Southwestern Ontario, London is a city that’s bursting with culture, history and fun things to do. Whether you’re a local or just visiting for the first time, there’s never a shortage of excitement to be found in this vibrant metropolis. From exploring picturesque parks and gardens to indulging in delicious culinary delights at some of the best restaurants around town, we’ve covered you with our top 10 must-do activities in London, Ontario. So buckle up and get ready for an adventure-filled ride through one of Canada’s most charming cities!

Top 10 Things to Do in London Ontario

1. Visit Covent Garden Market

Visit Covent Garden Market

Covent Garden Market is a must-visit destination in London, Ontario. This historic indoor market is an excellent place to explore and indulge in the local culture. The market boasts over 50 vendors selling fresh produce, meats, cheeses, baked goods, crafts and more.

The vibrant atmosphere at Covent Garden Market makes it an ideal spot for shopping or simply wandering around. You can grab breakfast or lunch from one of the many food stalls while enjoying live music performances by local musicians.

Aside from being a bustling shopping hub, Covent Garden Market also hosts a variety of events throughout the year. From cooking classes to holiday markets and everything in between – there’s always something new happening here. If you’re looking for unique gifts or souvenirs to take home, then Covent Garden Market is worth checking out! With so much to see and do here – you won’t want to miss it!

2. Visit St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica London

Visit St. Peter's Cathedral Basilica London

Stepping into St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica in London, Ontario, is like taking a trip back in time. The stunning Gothic Revival architecture of the cathedral is truly awe-inspiring, with towering spires and intricate details that will leave you breathless.

As you walk through the doors of this magnificent structure, you’ll be greeted by a sense of serenity and peace. The interior of the cathedral is just as beautiful as its exterior – stained glass windows cast colourful light across the pews, while ornate carvings adorn every surface.

One of the most striking features inside St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica is its impressive pipe organ. With over 5,000 pipes, it’s one of the largest organs in Canada and produces an incredible sound that fills every corner of the space. If you’re lucky enough to visit during a service or concert, you’ll be treated to an even more magical experience. The acoustics within this grand space create a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere that will stay with you long after your visit has ended.

Whether for religious purposes or to appreciate some breathtaking architecture and music, visiting St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica London should definitely be on your list when exploring all there is to do in this charming Canadian city!

3. Walk with Family To Storybook Gardens

Walk with Family To Storybook Gardens

Walking to Storybook Gardens in London, Ontario, is a treat for both kids and adults. This beautiful park takes you through beloved children’s stories with enchanting displays and interactive exhibits.

As you enter the gardens, your eyes are greeted by larger-than-life sculptures of classic storybook characters like Humpty Dumpty and Peter Rabbit. These whimsical statues make for fantastic photo opportunities that will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

The paths wind through various themed areas, such as Alice in Wonderland, Three Little Pigs, and Jack and the Beanstalk. Each area has unique elements that capture the essence of these tales while allowing visitors to explore them firsthand.

Kids can play in an oversized shoe house or slide down Jack’s giant beanstalk slide. Adults can enjoy strolling through beautifully landscaped gardens adorned with flowers and fountains. Visiting Family to Storybook Gardens is an unforgettable experience that will transport you into childhood nostalgia while providing plenty of outdoor fun for everyone involved.

4. See What’s On At Budweiser Gardens

See What's On At Budweiser Gardens

Budweiser Gardens is one of the most popular destinations in London, Ontario. This multi-purpose arena hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including concerts, sporting events, and family shows. Whether you’re a music lover or sports fan, something exciting always happens at Budweiser Gardens. The arena has hosted big names such as Justin Bieber and Elton John and local hockey games for the London Knights.

In addition, to live entertainment, Budweiser Gardens also offers delicious food options and comfortable seating arrangements. You can enjoy a cold beer while watching your favourite band perform or grab some popcorn while cheering on your team.

Make sure to check out their event schedule regularly so you don’t miss out on any upcoming shows or games. With its prime location in downtown London and top-notch facilities, it’s no wonder why Budweiser Gardens attracts visitors from near and far.

5. Play Golf At Fanshawe Golf Course

Play Golf At Fanshawe Golf Course

Fanshawe Golf Course is the perfect place for golf enthusiasts and beginners alike. Nestled in the scenic parkland of Fanshawe Conservation Area, this 18-hole course offers a challenging yet enjoyable experience to players of all skill levels.

Renowned architect Doug Carrick has designed the course and boasts beautiful tree-lined fairways, strategically placed bunkers, and water hazards that add an extra level of excitement to your game. The rolling terrain also provides stunning views across the conservation area.

For those who want to improve their skills or try out something new, there are several golf clinics and lessons available with experienced instructors who can help you hone your technique. If you’re looking for a relaxing day out with friends or family, Fanshawe Golf Course is also equipped with a clubhouse that serves delicious food and drinks. Enjoy lunch on the patio overlooking the course, or grab a cold drink after your game while watching others tee off.

Fanshawe Golf Course is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to play golf in London, Ontario’s gorgeous natural surroundings.

6. See London From Above With GL Heli

See London From Above With Gl Heli

With GL Heli, you can see all of London’s iconic landmarks from high above. Soar over Victoria Park and admire its beautiful green space and intricate pathways. Catch a glimpse of Budweiser Gardens, where hockey games and concerts are always happening. And don’t forget to look out for St Peter’s Cathedral Basilica – one of London’s most stunning architectural gems.

But it doesn’t stop there! As you fly higher into the sky, you’ll be able to see even more breathtaking views – like Fanshawe Lake or Western University campus. And if you’re lucky enough to book during sunset or sunrise, prepare yourself for some truly unforgettable moments.

GL Heli is perfect for thrill-seekers who want something different from their typical sightseeing tours. It’s also great for those special occasions – like anniversaries or birthdays – when only an extraordinary experience will do. So why not treat yourself (or someone special) to this once-in-a-lifetime adventure? Book your GL Heli tour today and discover all London offers from a whole new perspective!

7. Visit Elden House

Visit Elden House

Eldon House, located in downtown London, Ontario, is an amazing historical site that lets visitors glimpse the past. Built in 1834, this beautifully preserved home was once owned by the Harris family, who were instrumental in shaping early London. The house has been converted into a museum and offers guided tours that allow you to step back in time.

As you explore Elden House, you will be struck by its stunning architecture and elegant furnishings, which reflect the taste and style of the era. You can marvel at the intricate woodwork or peruse through antique pieces from various parts of Europe.

One fascinating feature of Elden House is its beautiful gardens that offer a peaceful outdoor retreat from busy city life. With well-manicured lawns, flower beds full of colourful blooms and towering trees providing shade on hot summer days – it’s truly a sight to behold!

Whether you are interested in history or want to experience something new during your visit to London, Ontario – Eldon House should definitely be on your list! Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in Canada’s rich heritage while enjoying some fresh air and sunshine at one of London, Ontario’s most treasured attractions!

8. Taste A Beer At Labatt Brewery

Taste A Beer At Labatt Brewery

If you’re a beer lover, then visiting the Labatt Brewery in London, Ontario, is a must-do activity. The brewery offers tours that allow you to see how some of Canada’s most popular beers are made. From getting up close and personal with towering fermenting tanks to learning about the brewing process, this experience is educational and fun.

The brewery’s tour guides provide an in-depth look into Labatt’s history and how they’ve managed to maintain its place among Canada’s top breweries for over 170 years. You’ll get a chance to sample some of their popular brews like Blue, 50, Budweiser and Alexander Keith’s IPA, fresh from the source.

The tasting room provides an intimate setting where you can enjoy your beer while overlooking scenic views of the Thames River. It’s also an excellent opportunity to learn more about advanced brewing techniques used by Labatt experts. Don’t forget to pick up souvenir items at the gift shop before heading out!

Visiting Labatt Brewery is undoubtedly one of the best things you can do when in London, Ontario. This immersive tour will leave visitors feeling satisfied with newfound knowledge of one of Canada’s leading breweries and a taste for its refreshing brews!

9. Visit Fanshawe Pioneer Village

Visit Fanshawe Pioneer Village

Fanshawe Pioneer Village is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in Canadian history and culture. Located on the banks of the Thames River, this living museum offers visitors an immersive experience of life in 19th-century Ontario.

As you stroll through the village’s streets, you’ll feel like you’ve returned to a simpler era. The buildings have been painstakingly restored to their original condition, and costumed interpreters bring history to life with demonstrations of traditional trades such as blacksmithing, weaving, and woodworking.

But Fanshawe Pioneer Village isn’t just about showcasing historical artifacts – it’s also a hub of community activity. Throughout the year, there are events ranging from concerts and theatre performances to workshops on gardening and cooking. If you’re looking for an educational day out that’s fun for all ages, be sure to add Fanshawe Pioneer Village to your list of things to do in London, Ontario!

10. Relax at Idlewyld Inn & Spa

Relax at Idlewyld Inn & Spa

Idlewyld Inn & Spa is a hidden gem in London, Ontario, that offers the ultimate relaxation experience. The historic mansion has been transformed into an elegant spa retreat where guests can unwind and rejuvenate. Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by friendly staff who will guide you through the beautiful grounds to your room or suite. Each one is uniquely decorated with luxurious furnishings and high-end amenities.

The Idlewyld Inn spa offers various treatments, including massages, facials, and body wraps. You can also take advantage of their indoor pool and hot tub or relax in the sauna or steam room. If you’re looking for some outdoor relaxation, take a stroll around the stunning gardens or enjoy a book on one of the many cozy seating areas throughout the property.

In addition to its amazing amenities, Idlewyld Inn & Spa also boasts an award-winning restaurant that serves up delicious farm-to-table cuisine using fresh local ingredients. If you want to escape from reality for a while and indulge in some much-needed self-care, Idlewyld Inn & Spa should be at the top of your list.


London, Ontario, has a lot to offer visitors and residents alike. This vibrant city has something for everyone, from historic landmarks like St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica London to family-friendly attractions like Storybook Gardens.

For those looking to immerse themselves in the local culture, a visit to Covent Garden Market is a must. Here you can sample fresh produce from local farmers and artisans while soaking up the bustling atmosphere of this beloved gathering place.

Sports fans will love catching a game at Budweiser Gardens, home to both hockey and basketball teams. And golf enthusiasts won’t want to miss the chance to play on the stunning Fanshawe Golf Course. But it’s not all about activity – sometimes you need some rest and relaxation. Look no further than Idlewyld Inn & Spa, where you can indulge in luxurious treatments or unwind with a cup of tea by their cozy fireplace.

London, Ontario, offers an eclectic mix of experiences that make it a destination worth visiting time and time again. Whether you’re interested in history, sports, or just taking it easy for a while – this city truly has it all!

FAQ – Top 10 Things to Do in London Ontario

FAQ - Top 10 Things to Do in London Ontario

What is London Ontario best known for?

London, Ontario, is a vibrant city that has so much to offer. One of the things it’s best known for is its rich history and culture. The city boasts many museums and galleries that showcase local art and artifacts from the past.

Another thing London, Ontario, is famous for is it’s beautiful parks and natural spaces. For nature lovers, there are plenty of places to explore, such as Springbank Park or Fanshawe Conservation Area.

One of London, Ontario’s most notable features is its world-class healthcare system. The city has several hospitals and clinics offering residents top-notch medical care. London also has a thriving music scene, with many venues hosting concerts throughout the year. From rock to jazz to classical music, there’s something for everyone.

London has gained recognition in recent years as a hub for innovation in technology and research. With several universities and colleges located in the area, it’s no surprise that this city attracts talented individuals worldwide. London, Ontario, offers an incredible mix of history, culture, nature, and entertainment options, along with cutting-edge research facilities making it an exciting place to live or visit!

What is the nicest part of London Ontario?

London, Ontario, is a beautiful city with many charming neighbourhoods and scenic areas. It’s hard to say which part of London is the nicest because each area has its unique charm and character. One neighbourhood that stands out for its beauty is Old North. This historic area boasts tree-lined streets, stunning Victorian homes and plenty of green space like Gibbons Park, where you can get lost in nature or have a picnic with friends.

Another lovely spot in London is Wortley Village. This cozy community has an artsy vibe, boutique shops, cute cafes and some of the best restaurants in town. You’ll love walking around this quaint neighbourhood, taking in all the sights.

Downtown London may be your tea if you’re looking for a more urban feel. With trendy bars, hipster coffee shops and chic boutiques, this area will satisfy any taste or preference. It’s hard to choose just one “nicest part” as they are all so wonderful in their own way!

Why do people go to London Ontario?

London, Ontario, is a city that has something for everyone. People come to London for many reasons, from visiting family and friends to attending an event at Budweiser Gardens or exploring the surrounding area’s natural beauty.

One reason people visit London is for its rich history and culture. The city has a number of museums and historical sites, including Fanshawe Pioneer Village and Eldon House. These attractions allow visitors to learn about the region’s early settlers and their way of life while providing insight into how modern-day London came to be.

Others come to London for its thriving arts scene. The city boasts several galleries, theatres, and music venues that offer a diverse range of entertainment options year-round. From live performances by local musicians to international touring acts taking the stages at Budweiser Gardens – there’s always something going on in this vibrant cultural hub.

Nature lovers also flock to London for its stunning parks like Victoria Park, where they can enjoy picnics with family or take part in outdoor activities such as hiking Trails near Fanshawe Lake provide opportunities for mountain biking enthusiasts too! People go to London because it offers so much diversity in terms of things to do within the city limits and nearby natural spots – making it one great place worth exploring!

Which city is better Windsor or London Ontario?

When it comes to comparing cities, there’s always going to be a debate. Some people might prefer the hustle and bustle of a big city like Toronto or Montreal, while others might prefer the slower pace of smaller towns. In Ontario specifically, Windsor and London are two cities that often get compared.

Windsor is located in southwestern Ontario, right across the river from Detroit. Its population is just over 200,000 people, and is known for its automotive industry (it’s home to Chrysler Canada). The city also boasts some beautiful waterfront parks along with great nightlife options.

On the other hand, London is located about halfway between Windsor and Toronto. It has a slightly larger population than Windsor, at around 380,000 people. London is known for its healthcare industry (home to several hospitals) and vibrant arts scene. Both the cities have their own unique charm and offer plenty of things to see and do. Ultimately though, which city is “better” will depend on personal preferences.

Is London Ontario a expensive city?

London, Ontario, is a city with many exciting things to do and see. From exploring the beautiful Covent Garden Market and St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica London to enjoying outdoor activities at Storybook Gardens or Fanshawe Golf Course, there is something for everyone in this charming Canadian city.

As far as the cost of living goes, while it may not be the cheapest city in Canada, London is still relatively affordable compared to other major cities like Toronto and Vancouver. So whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or considering making it your permanent home, don’t let cost hold you back from experiencing all that this wonderful city has to offer!

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