How Much is Old Age Pension in Canada? – An Overview

How Much is Old Age Pension in Canada? - An Overview

As retirement age approaches, many Canadians may wonder about the financial support they can rely on. One of these resources is the Old Age Pension (OAP). This program provides financial assistance to eligible seniors so that they can maintain a basic standard of living in their golden years. But how much exactly is this pension? In this article, we will dive into an overview of the OAP in Canada and answer some frequently asked questions regarding its benefits, eligibility requirements, and application process. So sit back, relax, and let’s explore how much old age pension you could receive!

Overview of Old Age Pension in Canada

How Much is Old Age Pension in Canada? - An Overview

The Old Age Pension (OAP) is a federal program that provides financial assistance to eligible Canadians who are 65 years or older. This benefit aims to help seniors maintain a basic standard of living in their retirement years and alleviate some of the financial burdens they may face.

Unlike other government programs, OAP does not depend on your work history or income level. Once you reach the age of eligibility, you can receive this pension regardless of your marital status or whether you’re still working.

The amount of OAP benefits varies depending on factors such as how long you’ve lived in Canada and if you have any other sources of income. However, it’s important to note that OAP payments are taxable.

The Old Age Pension is an essential resource for many Canadian seniors looking to stay financially secure during their golden years. Whether used as a primary source of income or combined with other forms of financial support, this program has helped countless Canadians enjoy a comfortable retirement and peace of mind.

Benefits of Old Age Pension

Old Age Pension is a significant program that helps seniors in Canada to lead their lives with dignity and independence. The benefits of this program are numerous, and they play a crucial role in the overall well-being of elders.

Old Age Pension provides financial assistance to seniors who have limited or no income. This support ensures that elderly individuals do not struggle to meet their basic needs such as food, shelter, and clothing. It also helps them maintain stable housing arrangements without being burdened by rental or mortgage payments.

Receiving an Old Age Pension allows seniors to enjoy a better quality of life. With additional income from OAP, they can participate in social activities and events that promote physical activity and mental health. Seniors can now engage with friends and family members more often without worrying about their finances.

Old Age Pension gives seniors peace of mind knowing that they have some financial support during retirement years when other sources such as employment may no longer be available or sufficient.

The benefits provided by Old Age Pension make it one of the most important programs for senior citizens in Canada.

How Much is Old Age Pension in Canada?

How Much is Old Age Pension in Canada

The amount of Old Age Pension in Canada varies depending on several factors.

  • The amount of Old Age Pension in Canada depends on various factors, including your income, years of residency in Canada and the age at which you apply for the pension. As of June 2023, the maximum monthly payment for the Old Age Security (OAS) pension for ages 65-74 is $691.00 and for those ages 75 and above is $760.10.  However, this amount can change based on your income and whether you have lived in Canada for at least 40 years after turning 18.
  • In addition to OAS, there is also the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS), which provides additional financial support to low-income seniors. The maximum GIS payout is $919.12 per month for single seniors and $551.62 per month for each member of a couple.
  • Not all seniors will receive the maximum OAS or GIS payments as it depends on various factors such as income and residency status. It’s always best to check with Service Canada to determine your specific eligibility and payment amounts.
  • While the exact amount may vary from person to person, receiving Old Age Pension can provide much-needed financial assistance during retirement years in Canada.

Eligibility for Old Age Pension in Canada

  • To be eligible for Old Age Pension in Canada, you must meet certain criteria set out by the government. You must be 65 years of age or older and a Canadian citizen or permanent resident who has lived in Canada for at least 10 years after turning 18.
  • Your income level will also determine if you are eligible to receive the full pension amount. If your income exceeds a certain threshold, which is updated annually, your pension payments may be decreased or even stopped altogether.
  • It is important to note that OAS benefits do not automatically begin when you turn 65. You must apply for it within six months before reaching age 65 and provide the necessary documentation to prove eligibility.
  • Suppose you have never received an OAS payment before but believe that you are eligible based on these criteria. In that case, taking action and submitting an application as soon as possible is important. The process can take several weeks or even months depending on how quickly your application is processed.
  • Eligibility for Old Age Pension in Canada requires meeting specific age requirements and having lived in Canada for a minimum number of years while also satisfying income thresholds laid out by the government.

How to Apply for Old Age Pension in Canada?

 how much is old age pension in Canada

Applying for Old Age Pension in Canada is a straightforward process. You can apply online, by phone or by mail. Before applying, ensure that you have all the necessary documents such as your social insurance number and proof of residency.

  • Go to the Government of Canada website to apply online and create an account. Once logged in, follow the prompts to complete your application form. If you prefer to apply by phone, call Service Canada at 1-800-277-9914.
  • If you choose to mail in your application form, download it from the Government of Canada website and fill it out completely. Include any required documents with your completed form before mailing it to Service Canada.
  • It’s important to note that if you are already receiving other government benefits such as CPP or OAS, you may be automatically enrolled for Old Age Pension without having to submit an additional application.
  • Applying for Old Age Pension in Canada is a simple process with multiple options available depending on personal preference.


The Old Age Pension program is an essential support system for retired Canadians. It provides a reliable source of income to meet their basic needs and maintain a decent standard of living during their golden years. Your pension amount depends on your contribution history and other factors such as marital status, residency, etc.

If you are eligible, don’t hesitate to apply for this benefit as soon as possible because it could take several months before your application gets processed. You can either apply online or by mail with Service Canada.

The Old Age Pension program plays a vital role in helping seniors live with dignity and independence in Canada. We hope that this overview has been helpful to you in understanding how much is old age pension in Canada and all other necessary information regarding its eligibility criteria and application process.

FAQs on how much is old age pension in Canada

FAQs on how much is old age pension in Canada

1. Will seniors get a raise in 2023 in Canada?

You must make less than $20,952 annually to qualify. Only slightly more was paid for GIS compared to the prior quarter. Sadly, this shows that seniors in Canada shouldn’t anticipate a substantial increase in their GIS payout in 2023.

2. Is it better to collect CPP at 60 or 65?

If you did this, your monthly benefit would be permanently reduced by 36%, but you would still have money in your pocket right now. This is what? At age 65, CPP payments can be as much as $15,678.84 per year (2023). That sum would be reduced to $10,034.46 per year if you opted to start receiving CPP at age 60.

3. How much will OAS increase for October 2023?

For seniors over 75, the Canadian government promised a 10% increase in OAS in July 2022. There isn’t a significant rise for other OAS payouts, specifically in 2023. However, according to experts, this year’s OAS will rise by 5% due to inflation.

4. What is the cost of living increase for 2023 for CPP and OAS?

For new recipients starting at age 65, the maximum Canda Pension Plan payment in 2023 is $1,306.57. The top limit was $717.15 in 2022. To keep pace with rising inflation, the benefit was significantly increased. The typical monthly payment to a new recipient was $811.21 as of January 2023.

5. Do you pay taxes on OAS and CPP?

Your pension from the Old Age Security program is taxable income. Taxes are not withdrawn every month automatically. You can log into your My Service Canada Account to request that federal income tax be taken out of your monthly payment.

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