The Pros and Cons of Tor Browser

pros and cons of tor browser

Many individuals encounter security breaches as they navigate the internet, where companies may purchase and exploit user data. This can lead to targeted advertising, where ads appear, finely tuned to users’ interests, potentially influencing their purchase decisions.

To combat these issues and provide a safeguard for online anonymity, the Tor browser offers a robust solution. It enables users to browse the internet without disclosing their identities by redirecting web traffic through a global onion network of volunteer-operated servers.

If you value online anonymity, Tor Browser is a smart choice, but you still need to judge the browser’s capabilities wisely. Only in this way will you be able to understand the boundaries beyond which it is better not to cross or ways to expand your influence.

Disadvantages of Tor Browser

Disadvantages of Tor Browser

1. Lower Speed

When using Tor, anticipate a more leisurely browsing experience than what you’re accustomed to with standard browsers. The reason for this is Tor’s unique method of routing your connection through a series of relay nodes, which can be geographically dispersed across different countries. This increased travel distance means your connection may take longer to reach its intended destination, resulting in a perceivable slowdown in internet speed.

2. Data is Transmitted Unprotected

Moreover, while Tor is effective at obscuring your IP address, it doesn’t inherently protect the data you transmit over the network. When your data reaches the final relay node, known as the exit node, it is no longer encrypted. Therefore, if someone were inspecting the exit node, they could potentially capture any unencrypted data flowing through it. This vulnerability underscores the importance of using additional security measures like encryption to ensure privacy.

Many turn to Virtual Private Network (VPN) services to further secure their online presence. If you look at it objectively, is Tor safe is not enough. But you can use encryption tools in the form of a VPN to improve the situation. This is especially necessary if you need dark web access. The main thing is to find the right VPN provider. If I had to choose, it would be VeePN. You can choose your own option or use this VPN.

3. Some Web Functions Not Available

One trade-off of prioritizing anonymity is that certain web functionalities may be inaccessible. In some cases, you’ll encounter noticeably slower page load times, but more importantly, some websites might block Tor users entirely. This can result in websites loading incompletely or not loading at all, often without a clear explanation due to error messages being vague or misleading.

Benefits of Tor Browser

Benefits of Tor Browser

  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigating the Tor browser is straightforward and convenient. Its intuitive design and exclusive features earn users’ confidence, making it a strong contender for their primary browser choice.
  • Open Source and Complimentary: The Tor browser is not only free of cost but also user-friendly for all, including those with no technical expertise. Being open source, its code is available for public scrutiny, reinforcing the trustworthiness of Tor.
  • Robust Privacy Measures: Tor is fortified with multiple layers of security that are intricate to penetrate. The traffic relay through various nodes significantly enhances protection, keeping your online actions confidential.
  • Ad-Blocking Capability: The browser blocks invasive advertisements and thwarts websites from tracking user activity for targeted advertising, preserving user privacy.
  • Unlock the Web: Tor provides access to websites that may otherwise be inaccessible, including those blocked by government regulations, broadening your reach to information.
  • Defense Against Data Trackers: While browsing the internet, trackers pose risks and threats to social well-being. Tor acts as a shield against such nefarious tracking attempts.
  • Tor Relay Infrastructure: A network of servers, known as Tor relays, reroutes internet traffic. This not only bolsters security but also shields users’ locations and IP addresses from exposure.
  • Onion Routing Technology: A sophisticated system that makes surveillance or censorship by governments or organizations incredibly difficult, safeguarding user privacy when accessing restricted content.
  • Create a Fresh Online Persona: The Tor browser allows you to adopt multiple identities. With the “New Identity” feature, you can start a session with no history, as if you’ve never previously visited any websites—a function accessible from the browser menu.
  • Script Selection Control: Tor gives you the autonomy to specify which scripts to run on specific websites, ensuring no unwanted scripts are executed. You can also block any scripts you deem unnecessary.
  • Directory Server Insights: The Tor Directory Server disseminates details about the network’s structure, providing an additional layer of transparency for its users.


Choosing between Tor and VPN hinges on what you’re hoping to achieve online. For those prioritizing a seamless browsing experience coupled with robust privacy measures, opting for a VPN would be most advantageous. VPNs are readily accessible, incorporate sophisticated encryption measures, and offer a dependable method for safeguarding your digital movements. Plus, they typically have a smaller impact on your internet speed compared to Tor. In fact, it’s better to simply change your approach and use both technologies for maximum protection.

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